About Comark

Company Comark d.o.o. is actively and successfully engaged in the organization of special transport (Out of Gauge) services for 30 years. With a clear strategy and sense for acknowledge the changes in world trading flows the company successfully strengthening its leading position in sector (Oversize Load).

With knowledge, we take care of the quality implementation of the most complex projects.

Advantage 1:

Top Project Cargo logistics expert.

Advantage 2:

More than 25 years of experience in Oversize Load.

Advantage 3:

ISO 9001:2015 cerfied company.

Advantage 4:

Think global, act local.

Quality, Safe and Global


The company operates globally, which means that we can safely transport your cargo from point A to point B anywhere in the world with the help of quality and established partners. Our advantages are years of experience, knowledge, quality organization, flexibility and a wide network of trusted business partners. The goal we pursue is quality and safe transport.


comark ISO 9001 SIQ Q 2228

At Comark, we are constantly striving for progress. We are aware of the importance of quality services for our business partners, as evidenced by the obtained ISO 9001: 2015 certificate.

The business excellence of our company is also confirmed by the obtained AAA Platinum Excellence Certificate, which is demonstrated exclusively by companies that represent the most reliable, credible and low-risk business entity for cooperation with all business partners.

Quality Policy

Our primary objective is to become synonymous of the quality in organization of project logistics engineering for the transportation, manipulation, seaworthy packing of project and exceptional cargo by road, sea, air in rail. These logistics services are known as most complexed and high-level risk for our customers so we are building on Comark reputation as most successful and trusted project logistics company that offers a high-level service so our customers can be completely careless. Our Care – Your Piece of Mind

Establishing long-term partnerships with customers, suppliers and our employees is a formula for the success of the company, so we will maintain the same focus and momentum going. With the introduction of ISO standard 9001: 2015, we will steer the process of continuous improvement, meet the requirements of the standard and clients, comply with legal regulations, as well as internal acts of the company, in order to satisfy and exceed the expectations of our valued customer and other stakeholders, and our expectation goes equally from them.

Quality is planned, implemented, and checked to ensure quality in all areas of the business with a focus on error prevention. By conducting internal audits, identifying risks and opportunities, the director constantly monitors the performance of the quality management system and ensures that the business is continuously improved through appropriate benchmarks.

The key goals of the company are:

  • Our primary goal is to become a synonym for quality in the field of project logistics engineering for the transportation, handling and seaworthy packing for project and exceptional cargo via road, sea, air and rail.
  • To build on a reputation as one of the most successful and reliable companies that provides customers with such a high-level service that their logistics concerns are completely unnecessary regardless dealing with operation with high level risk.

Our Care – Your Peace of Mind:

  • Helping our customers realize their requirements and expectations, and their satisfaction sets the benchmark.
  • Reaching goals within the set deadlines and achieving excellence is our habit.
  • Long-term partnerships with customers, suppliers and our employees are our main competitive advantage and the formula for success of the company.

We support open dialogue and cooperation with all interested publics.

CEO is our first line in ensuring that all process are preforming properly and maintained through all employees, in search of continues improvement and raising awareness of customer requirements and expectations throughout the company.

The quality policy provides the basis for reviewing the management, accomplishing the set quality goals.

Together with all who work on our behalf, are responsible for meeting quality policies.

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