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Presentation of special transport

Special transport on a public road is: “When a load cannot be dismantled into units that can be transported without exceeding the limitations in terms of the dimensions and/or mass, it is classified as an abnormal/special load/cargo.” (source: Rules on conditions and the method of carrying out special transports on public roads).

To be able to perform such transport in a safe and reliable manner, experience and special knowledge are essential. Execution of the transport of special cargo requires thorough planning. The key components of the planning are suitable means of transport, transport route, obtaining the necessary permits/consents, static inspections of bridging structures, and the timeline.

Why entrust an OOG cargo to Comark engineers?

Fact 1

More than 25 years of experience in organizing special transport.

Fact 2

Fleet of our own pilot cars for real-time road information.

Fact 3

Yes, we can attitude for the duration of transport.

Fact 4

ISO 9001:2015 certified company with a wide network of trusted partners.

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The optimal solution for every cargo

There is a lot of specialties and exceptions to special transport. The packages/cargo differ from each other, which means that each transport is a unique solution in itself. Nevertheless, the solution must be economically acceptable for both the client and the transport organizer.

The database of completed projects allows us to quickly access and transfer the solutions at any given time. For our engineers it is important to get quality input data of the cargo: correct dimensions and weight, place of loading/unloading, the center of gravity, sketches or photos are recommended… This saves a lot of time and money, as we can offer the optimal custom-made solution.

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