Comark website uses the so-called cookies for its smooth operation.
These are files, that are stored on user’s device, which they use to access the website. Cookies contain unique data about the user and their settings and preferences on the website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that most websites use to store data on users’ devices they use to access the internet, with the aim of identifying the individual devices that users use for access. Their storage is under full control of user’s browser – letting users limit or disable the storage of cookies.

What do cookies do?

The use of online cookies is common and even preferable in online production. It enables a higher level of services, such as saving the registration confirmation, usage of online shops, preventing the excessive display of advertising, etc. Without the use of cookies, it would also be impossible to have an insight into website visits. Cookies are crucial for providing user-friendly online services. They make the interaction between the user and the web page faster and easier. With their help, the website remembers individual’s preferences and experiences, saving time and making web browsing more efficient and pleasant.

Some examples of cookies usage:

  • for a better user experience of the website, we adjust the display of content to visitors based on past visits,
  • to save choices when creating shortlists and offers and comparing them,
  • to recognize your device (computer, tablet, smartphone), which enables the display of content to be adapted to your device,
  • to monitor website visits and user navigation through the website for continuous website improvement.

Cookies list

Necessary cookies

Cookie name Purpose Storage duration



Storing data about user’s language choice for the website. 1 year 

Google maps (Cookies for displaying the map)

Cookie name Purpose Storage duration
SIDCC Ensures identification of trusted web traffic 1 year
APISID Adjusts Google ads on websites based on recent searches and interactions. 2 years
SSID Google collects visitor data for videos hosted by YouTube integrated into Google Maps. 2 years
SAPISID Google collects visitor data for videos hosted by YouTube. 2 years
NID Stores visitors’ preferences and adjusts ads on Google sites based recent searches and interactions 6 months
OTZ Connects the activities of website visitors to other devices that have previously used the same Google Account. This way, the ads are adapted to different devices. 1 month

AnalitičniAnalytic cookies piškotki 

Cookie name Purpose Storage duration
_ga Collects data about number of website visits. 2 years
_gid Collects date about number of website visits. 1 day

How to manage cookies?

The user maintains full control over cookies, as they are able to delete, limit or completely disable them at all times. Instructions on how to do it, vary across devices and are available on the homepage of each software manufacturer. Therefore, you determine whether you will allow cookies to be stored on your device. You control and change their settings through your web browser.

So, cookies are nothing new, all website visitors have many cookies from various websites stored on their devices. If you turn off cookies, some features of the website may not work.

The decision is yours

On Comark website, we offer users the option to decide whether they accept cookies or not. We would like to point out that rejecting cookies may lead to problems with the display and operation of the website.

If you give your consent to cookies, but later change your mind, you will have to reset your decision by deleting cookies (instructions on how to do this for some browsers are published in individual browsers). After deletion, you will be inquired again whether you want cookies.