Cargo instead of going North – to Koper

Usually, the owner or consignor decides which route the cargo will take. Normally, for recurring shipments or multiple shipments, the transport route is usually not changing.

However, in the logistics business, it is considered that a good logistics service and quality of the entire transport chain and cost-effectiveness may outweigh tradition, and cargo is sometimes diverted elsewhere. This was the case with the project cargo from the Czech Republic to distant Vietnam. The consignment consisted of 12 packages, weighing 20 to 80 tons, which were components of presses for the automotive industry. The cargo was planned for the German port of Bremerhaven, where all previous presses were taken, but…

The shipment of extraordinary dimensions and weights finally arrived at the Slovenian port, where we loaded it on an RO-RO ship and sent it safely to its destination.

Koper is a better choice

Slovenian logistics company Comark presented the sender with an alternative quality offer: accurate drawing of the loading plan, the organization of road transport, overseas packaging, good coordination with the Port of Koper, and excellent RO-RO connections of the Port of Koper. This meant direct shipping from Koper to Vietnam, and in addition, an even better transit time for maritime transport than through northern Europe. This convinced the sender that Koper was a better choice, so the shipment of extraordinary dimensions and weights arrived in the Slovenian port, where we loaded it on an RO-RO ship and sent it safely to the destination.

“Project cargo is valuable, as a huge number of ‘classic’ goods travel with or after it, which subsequently arrive in containers,” commented Klemen Butala from Comark on the successfully completed deal.

Source: Luški glasnik FEBRUAR 2021
Author: Mateja Dominko
Photo: Jan Kocjan